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General Presentation

  • you wish to learn the basics of sailing, you would like to become a Competent crew

  • you wish to acquire the competences of a day skipper

  • you wish to acquire the competences of a Coastal skipper, ready to plan and ensure a cruising of several days with night navigation.

  • You wish to make an introduction course to regatta and wish to participate to regatta with good level

  • You just wish to be 'crew' and to enjoy the time on the  sea, discover fantastic navigation zones and splendid landscapes

  • You wish to get mor self confidence and would enjoy a flottilla sailing.

  • You are autonom and wish to charter a yacht

The program of the course is elaborate according to the wishes of the crew. The conjugation of different objectives "competent crew",  "Skipper" is complementary and not contradictory.

Bretagne Atlantic Yachting : What is our navigation zone?

Our navigation zone goes from the Brittany (from Mai to September) .  

Bretagne Atlantic Yachting. Why "Yachting"? British sailors don't just "sail", they do "Yachting"! It is a way of being, respectful of the others, the boats and with a sens of esthetics (That is what Loïck undestood about it, and that is what he is aiming to). Why ".eu"? Bretagne Atlantic Yachting is a sailing school which is widely open to Europe. If you are interested in it, you could participate to a course with other nice people from other european Countries (French, Germans, Netherlands, Spanish).

Bretagne Atlantic Yachting is quite the ideal organisation for young people (from 15 years) wishing to conjugate their passion for sailing with the meet of young people from other european countries. Dates will be fixed specially for this project. But if you are interested in it just contact Loïck !

The yacht which was selected is a "cruiser - racer" : A Bavaria 35 match. She combines comfort and high performance, above all by light wind and up to the wind. A yacht which will bring much pleasure to the whole crew!  You will learn more about it on the page "Yacht"

Loïck will be your skipper and interlocutor for any question concerning your course. Don't hesitate to contact Loïck per email and to tell him about your project! He will answer you with attention and competence.

Good visit and see you soon!